Our Solicitors have extensive expertise dealing with divorce and matrimonial finances and always strive to resolve clients’ matters in the most amicable, productive, and cost-effective manner possible.

Financial Matters

Financial issues must be resolved when a relationship between two individuals ends. Our solicitors have a lot of expertise with financial disputes when parties separate.

Child Arrangements

Making preparations for when parents divorce can be tough. Our skilled family solicitors can help you at every stage, from advising you on your situation to recommending the best next steps for you.

Cohabitation Matters

It is now quite usual for people to live together without marrying or entering a civil partnership, therefore it is critical that you understand your legal rights.

Care Proceedings

When the Local Authority has concerns regarding a child’s wellbeing, care proceedings are initiated. In such cases, the Local Authority may consider filing a court application. Our experts can assist you in regaining control.

Emergency Protection Procedures for Children

If the Local Authority/Social Services believe that a kid is in imminent danger, they can take a range of steps to protect the child in an emergency.


We offer advise on how to make an application to adopt a child, how to oppose an adoption order, and what to do after a placement order has been made.


Local Authority Involvement

Where there are concerns regarding a child’s safety, it is the responsibility of Social Services to investigate. When the Local Authority believes a child is at danger, they have a duty to interfere. We are here to assist you.


If you are providing full-time care for your grandchildren, you may want to consider obtaining a legal order to formalise the agreement. This could be obtained through a ‘Live With’ Order for Children.

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